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Are You an Amazing Hairstylist?

Get the hair stylist job near you in the best location


Have you ever thought of yourself as amazing? Are you a hairdresser, a hairstylist, a barber, a cosmetologist? Well, that makes your talent a valuable asset in today’s salons. If you recently applied to a hair stylist job near you, and you are a talented and licensed cosmetologist, you probably got the job, for sure. You are a hot commodity today! The demand for talented hair stylists is huge. 

Could you tell the hairstylist position needed to be filled right away and that the schedule you wanted was very flexible? Was the salon busy and not enough hair stylists for the number of chairs in the salon? Possibly guests were walking out because their appointment time could not be honored. That’s because the salon most likely is short-staffed and looking for a talented and amazing hairstylist like YOU. 

The hairstylist job of your dreams awaits you to make that choice. At Supercuts in Paoli, Pennsylvania and other nearby locations in Malvern, Frazer, and Wayne, there is so much career growth and opportunity. If you are a seasoned hair stylists or just starting fresh out of beauty school, the training at Supercuts is top-notch. 

Hair Stylist Job Near You 


To be amazing at hairstyling and to work as a hairstylist in a salon near you that is geographically enticing to you, make sure the salon offers the following:

  • Established clientele
  • Busy salon atmosphere
  • Busy shopping center with high visibility from the road
  • Parking for free and convenience
  • Well lit shopping center
  • Public transportation access
  • Good price for the services
  • Good area to get awesome tips
  • Cooled or heated salon
  • Adequate hot water for shampooing
  • Professional and popular hair care products on the shelves
  • An excellent point of sale system
  • Wifi
  • Variety of music choices 
  • A clean and sanitized bathroom
  • A break room
  • Sanitized and hygienic environment – cleaning and sanitizing products provided
  • Mask and Covid mandates as required/when required

Some of the amazing work benefits that are offered, such as at Supercuts salons near Paoli, Malvern, Wayne, and Frazer, Pennsylvania… once you are hired: 

  • Paid time off
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Paid Supercuts Hairstylist Academy (HSA)
  • Paid on-going training
  • Student loan assistance
  • 401k
  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Great tips in a busy salon
  • Established clientele
  • Family owned and operated salons
  • Caring, Committed and Creative Teams
  • Supportive management team
  • Career growth potential with 66 Supercuts locations and growing

Supercuts in Delaware County


Supercuts near the Paoli area and all other 65 locations would love to interview you, as a licensed hairstylist, or a soon-to-be graduate from beauty school! We are hiring and looking to grow our teams. If you are looking for a long-term career at an amazing company that provides a work environment that is not only fun but productive and supportive, apply now here.

If you are looking for the extra perks of all the work benefits too, then now is the time to apply before the teams are filled with talented and new hairstylists like yourself. We look forward to getting your application and talking to an amazing hairstylist or future hairstylists. Don’t delay reaching out to us. Now is the time to grow with us in your career and opportunities as a hairstylist, shift manager, manager, district leader, certified technical trainer… We can’t wait to see your career path with us.